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  • mobile internet on a cruise

    Can I use my mobile internet on a cruise

    Nowadays, it is difficult for many to imagine their life without the Internet. Therefore, even passengers on a sea cruise need to be online to communicate with loved ones or resolve work issues. Modern cruise ships, as a rule, have Internet access to the Web using satellites. However, it is important to know that cellular …

  • mobile internet in the caribbean

    How to get Mobile internet in the Caribbean

    A few years ago, it was quite difficult and expensive to secure mobile Internet access in the Caribbean. The French islands were served by one branch of Digicel, the British by another, the Dutch by a third, and some by their own, such as Barbados. That is, you had to have a whole bunch of …

  • set up an esim on oppo

    How to set up an eSIM on Oppo

    A new technology called eSIM (embedded SIM) enables subscribers to access mobile services without having to buy a conventional SIM card. At the time of device production, it is incorporated. Since the technology is still relatively new, only expensive, new devices currently support eSIM. Read on to learn what these models are. How do I …

  • best pocket wi-fi

    Best Pocket Wi-Fi for Vietnam

    During the holidays in Vietnam, an important factor for tourists is maintaining contact with family and friends. Cellular communication and Internet access in Vietnam allow you to abandon the expensive roaming of your SIM card operators and call home at a price of $0.1 in a minute. How to call from Vietnam? Almost every tourist …

  • top 3 best esim

    Top 3 Best eSIM for Thailand

    Top 3 Best eSIM for Thailand If you are going to travel and have purchased a modern smartphone, we suggest installing an eSIM and not worrying about which mobile connection to use in an unfamiliar country. Experienced tourists know that using standard roaming tariffs will cost a pretty penny, so most compatriots try to save …

  • esim vs nano sim

    eSIM vs Nano SIM: What’s the Difference

    Modern smartphone models allow users to use electronic SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) cards and physical SIM cards. And some developers have entirely abandoned the Nano SIM card slot and completely transferred their devices to eSIM. This technology, presented for the first time on the market in 2019, can be called evolutionary. Indeed, from year to …

  • activate an esim from anywhere

    How to Activate an eSIM From Anywhere

    The history of electronics development is closely connected with miniaturization. Almost everything, from processors to memory modules, decreases with development, including SIM cards. The initial ones resembled bank cards in size. The Mini-SIM era followed for almost 20 years before being succeeded by the Micro-SIM and Nano-SIM, and finally, by eSIM technology today. It allows …

  • activate an esim on iphone

    How to Activate an eSIM on iPhone

    eSIM technology is a tiny 6×5 mm chip built into the device at the manufacturing stage. It is neither inserted nor removed. All you have to do is upload new information by reading a new QR code. Who needs a digital SIM for mobile data: Models of mobile devices that support eSIM technology It is …

  • buy esim online

    How to buy eSIM online

    A SIM card is, in fact, a key generator, something like your passport in a mobile operator’s network. At some point, a technology appeared that allows you not to insert a physical SIM card into a phone or tablet but simply download a file with these same keys. The chip is called eSIM, and if …

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