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  • free esim for travel

    How to Get Free eSIM for Travel

    For more than 30 years, the SIM card has been connected to a piece of plastic that must be placed into a slot. The introduction of the eSIM, or integrated SIM card, caught subscribers off guard. What’s that? How does eSIM work, and why is it required? eSIM technology ESIM is a digital SIM. Some …

  • an esim cheaper than carrier roaming data

    Is an eSIM cheaper than carrier roaming data

    eSIM is the same SIM card with a specific number and tariff. Only it is already built into your device. It does not need to be bought in the salon and inserted into the phone. eSIM technology allows you to store data of different operators. It’s easy to switch between eSIMs in the phone’s menu. …

  • esim phone number

    How to check my eSIM phone number

    New technology of built-in eSIM chips is replacing traditional SIM cards. The main innovation of the invention is the design of numbers, as well as the change of tariffs and operators exclusively online, which so far is only partially implemented. What is an eSIM from a technical point of view? The name eSIM stands for …

  • best prepaid esim plans for australia

    The best prepaid eSIM plans for Australia

    By right, tourists consider Australia a paradise. Incredibly beautiful, exotic nature, forests, deserts, mountains, and the azure shore of the Ocean – here you rest your body and soul. In addition, all the above riches of nature are complemented by a well-developed infrastructure and a well-functioning tourist service. The most popular resorts in Australia are …

  • an esim with a virtual number

    An eSim with a virtual number for the price of a cup of coffee

    Roaming abroad from home mobile network operators is an expensive option. Searching for a point of sale for local SIM cards upon arrival is not easy. You can choose a foreign eSIM in advance and then activate it without documents and prepayment. Landed-connected – the smartphone is ready for surfing, chats, and social networks. Many …

  • best prepaid esim plans for georgia

    The best prepaid eSIM plans for Georgia

    The sunny mountain country is one of those spiritual corners where you need to relax with your phone turned off. Arriving in Georgia, you want to immerse yourself in its nature, taste, and color with your whole body and mind and not be distracted by calls from work or sticking to social networks. However, completely …

  • mobile internet in the caribbean

    How to get Mobile internet in the Caribbean

    A few years ago, it was quite difficult and expensive to secure mobile Internet access in the Caribbean. The French islands were served by one branch of Digicel, the British by another, the Dutch by a third, and some by their own, such as Barbados. That is, you had to have a whole bunch of …

  • set up an esim on oppo

    How to set up an eSIM on Oppo

    A new technology called eSIM (embedded SIM) enables subscribers to access mobile services without having to buy a conventional SIM card. At the time of device production, it is incorporated. Since the technology is still relatively new, only expensive, new devices currently support eSIM. Read on to learn what these models are. How do I …

  • set up an esim on xiaomi

    How to set up an eSIM on Xiaomi

    For iPhone users, the term eSIM technology is not uncommon since 2018. It was then that the first iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max models appeared that supported this technology. Since then, all Apple smartphones have been equipped with digital SIM cards and have become familiar to almost all owners. However, in the …

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